Corporate Training

In Johor Bahru here. E-Square Consultancy we believe In many things like training for a good workforce.

Studies prove professional very important for recruiting employees. E-Square stabile of those company for today, you need the training so let us get your employees with the skills to help them do job!

Our gold is see company with knowledge and give business good. We see ourself like fast moving business continuity researching for new trends and technology.

We Are Here To Make You Better
E Square Consultancy is to give the way of improved for everyone as cooperate performance. Besides, we like promote a Environment to many people in order to improving everyone's advantages. E Square Consultancy got come out with a training to your company that fokus on the impact of employee and company.

E Square

This training gives knowledge as an team member.

Teams ideas working professionalism with other setting their different and focus. All this training HR claim.


  • Relationships
  • Communicate
  • Performance Building Trust
  • Create


  • Outdoor team building
  • Adventure experiential learning,
  • Treasure hunts
  • Eco-challenge, eco-adventure, outward bound
  • Team challenge, high performance teams
  • Rappelling
  • Character building
  • Group dynamics/team bonding
  • Annual staff outings


Developing method and program to meet the change needs of clients. In this time, team building activities are good. We’ll provide a plan for you in budget and also activities.

Course here is good ;
- English Course
- For all learners

We ensure excellent quality in training provide.
Participants can decide for your titles and from us.