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The experience professional counsellors all are at E-square Consultancy Sdn Bhd is establish at Johor Bahru on 2013. We have been success in this industry have record put students in well-recognized university that suits their needs. And those local or overseas institution that cater to create their dream in future as well. Our mission is make sure all case and student we treats in sincerely, professionally guidance to seeking high education out there. Beside, we also true focus on give good study conditions and standard for student regards our dedicate and committed investigation. We always improving our valued services such conduct many large- scale seminar and university or institution visits to latest information and study advice who is preparing study aboard. All this is came from our belief in ‘Your future dream is first priority’.

E-square Consultancy 拥有经验丰富的专业辅导顾问并成立在新山于2013年。我们已经 在这个行业取得了成功,通过将无数名学生送往符合他们需求的知名大学。此外,这 些当地或海外机构也迎合了他们创造属于自己的未来职业梦想和前景。我们的使命是 确保每一位我们待遇的学生能得到我们真诚,专业及真实的辅导去寻求他们想要的高 等教育。此外根据我们专注致志的调查,我们还专注于为学生提供良好的学习条件和 标准。作为受信任和受人尊敬的海外教育辅导专家,我们不断改进我们重要的服务, 如进行无数次大型研讨会和大学或机构访问,为准备上学的学生提供最新信息和学习 建议。所有这一切都来自于我们的信念“你的未来梦想是我们首要任务”

Your future dream is first priority