Study Abroad

The experienced professional counsellor are all at E-square Consultancy Sdn Bhd which have at Johor Bahru on 2013. We successful in here by having hao record of put banyak students in well-recognized uni that their need. And those loca or oversee uni that cater to create their dream in future also. Our mission is try to make all case and student we treats in sincerely, professionally and authentically guidance to be seeking high education there.

Somemore, we also true focus on give hao study conditions and standard for student regards our dedicate and committed investigation. We always improving our valued services such as give many many seminar and university or institution go to see latest information and study advice to people preparing study aboard. All this is came from our in ‘Your future dream is first priority’.


We assist students in proses vica docs in go as efficiently as possible.

我们尽可能高效地帮助学生在 中编写。


Our career counsel is to helping students have the ability to make confident choice bout they goals and careers in order to enter their study or career more good


Pre-Departure Guidance 离境前指导

This is very important meeting for preparing study out there. We prove them with predeparture guide and help with acc and preschool preparation as much as possible.

这是准备在那里学习的非常重要的会议。 我们通过出发前指南来证明它们,并尽可能地帮助您进行 acc 和学前准备。

- We work partner with many universities both loca and international.

Study in Malaysia


  1. Asia Paific University
  2. Raffles University
  3. Segi University
  4. Nilai University
  5. Curtin University Malaysia
  6. Reading University
  7. Southampton University
  8. Help University
  9. Berjaya University
  10. The One Academy
  11. UCSI University Malaysia
  12. Swinburne University Malaysia
  13. Northingham University Malaysia
  14. Monash University Malaysia
  15. Xiamen University Malaysia
  16. Malaysian Institute of Art
  17. Mahsa University
  18. AIMST Univesity
  19. KDU UOW Malaysia
  20. AMU Asia Metropolitan University
  21. INTI University
  22. Crescendo Internatioanal College

Study Abroad

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • Canada


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We have been success in this industry by having excellent record of placing countless students in well-recognized university that suits their needs...